How to succeed on social media

December, 2020

Our Danish colleague Kathrine Faurholt gives her tips on how to increase followers and impressions on social media by following four simple steps. 


1. Message πŸ”Ž
The way to all good communication is through the message. This also applies to social media, where the receiver is quick to move on to the next post, if the message is not understandable. So you have to find the good story, the interesting angle depending on your target group and formulate it clearly and understandably. This way, you ensure that your message gets received and understood as intended.


2. Visuals πŸ‘€
When your message is clear and simple, and your story is good, the next step is visuals. Visuals are very important as it is the eye-catcher that will make sure the receivers read the accompanying text and thereby understand the message. The most effective visuals depend on the message, but examples are: 


πŸ“Š Graphics. Especially if you try to tell something knowledge-heavy, graphics can make it easier to understand. 


πŸ“· Images. Use images to support your text – remember that the image must fit the text and make sense in relation to the message.


πŸŽ₯ Videos. A great way of catching the eye of the reader is videos. A video can, if it is well made, really get attention from the receivers, but the first few seconds are important, so remember to sum up the main point – or make sure to keep the receivers watching until they get the main points. 


3. Questions❓
When you have caught the eye of the receiver, you have the chance to engage with them. Social media can be (and is almost always) used as a two-way-channel of communication, which you should use to your advantage. This can be done by a short text with the clear and understandable message including a question. Questions can be used to engage the receiver in the message and make them involved. If the receiver engages in the message, they automatically feel more included. In this way, you build up relations and is perceived as including. 


4. Answers πŸ’¬
When you have caught the receiver’s attention and included them in the message, you always have to answer the comments. This will create a personal feeling and you will be perceived as interested in the opinions of your followers. You don’t have to answer with long sentences, but just show you followers/receivers that you are there, and that you read their comments and like to engage with and respond to them. It depends on the comment, whether you have to answer with words or if a simple ‘like’ is enough. But always answer. 


β˜‘οΈ With these 4️ steps you are on your way to more engagement and commitment – and thereby more impressions and followers. Do you feel prepared to get started? Otherwise, you can always ask us for help. Good luck out there!