The Chilean Wine Brand Santa Carolina in partnerships

Client: Santa Carolina

01 | Challenge

The Chilean wine brand Santa Carolina wanted to help their distributor REMA 1000 with communication and to get press coverage.

Santa Carolina launched a new brand during the autumn 2022 and wanted to put focus on this and in all ways help REMA 1000 in their communication on SoMe. 

02 | Solution

Organising partnerships with a food site – one of the most visited food sites for inspiration and recipes. The Master Chef Anders Halskov Jensen was asked to make general descriptions of the wines and elaborate recipes to match some of the wines. He also has his own sites, where he blogs about food and wine, that could link to the and thus create more traffic on the site. Opskrifter | Kogebog | Anmeldelser

03 | Result

Santa Carolina's partnerships in Denmark have generated 3 articles, several SoMe posts and newsletters.

In total 1.015.200 contacts have been exposed to the content through, and and their SoMe channels.

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Head of Food & Wine in Denmark

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