Spanish Wine region Ribera del Duero at S’Vinbar in Aarhus

Client: Ribera del Duero

01 | Challenge

Tendency is to always make wine events and tastings in the Copenhagen area, as most professionals are concentrated here.

However, you have a lot of restaurants in the Aarhus area and wine importers in Jutland that we do not reach. They tend to feel forgotten by many wine regions and countries, so how to make them feel seen and valued?

02 | Solution

Find a place so attractive, that the professionals would attend the event. The perfect venue for this, is the wine bar S’Vinbar with Sabina Sunne as the owner. The bar is known for its interesting wines and very competent staff. The bar also has regular customers with a high interest in wine. By asking the wine educator and writer René Langdahl Jørgensen, the chances for getting the professionals to come were even bigger, as he is the most knowing wine person in Denmark. 

We hosted a seminar for professionals (sommeliers, writers/bloggers and importers/distributers) with tasting of 8 wines and finger food.

And at the same day in the evening, we hosted a tasting and dinner for the regular customers of S’Vinbar was organised.

03 | Result

A very well visited seminar and tasting both for the professionals and the consumers, as the tickets were sold out in one day. 

The seminar and tasting also generated several posts on SoMe from the event. 

“After several years of working with ESK I would like to highlight the good knowledge of the wine sector (trade, sommelier, media, influencers...) and the efficient actions that we have developed together in Denmark, all thanks to their strategic vision and high level of professionalism and commitment.”

- Pablo Baquera Peironcely, Director de Marketing, Consejo Ribera del Duero.

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