Food & Wine: Welcome to new clients in Sweden and Norway

Freitag, 26 März 2021

Food & Wine: Welcome to new clients in Sweden and Norway

We are happy to be expanding our client portfolio with two new clients within our Food & Wine sector, that we will proudly be representing in Sweden and Norway:​

INTER RHÔNE is the professional organisation for wines from the Rhône wine region in the south of France. The region is located in the Rhône valley and produces several wines under different names for the Appellation d'origine contrôlée. The region's largest denomination in production volume is Côtes du Rhône AOC. 

For INTER RHÔNE we will handle activities in Sweden, actively working to promote Côtes du Rhône towards the Swedish trade and consumers. By other means through a partnership with the Swedish Sommelier Association and representation on the French Wine Days in Stockholm. 

CONSORZIO BARBERA D'ASTI E VINI DEL MONFERRATO is the professional organisation for wines from the Monferrato area in Northern Italy. Monferrato is one of the most important wine areas in Italy and is the beating heart of land declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

We will act as the eyes and ears for CONSORZIO BARBERA D'ASTI E VINI DEL MONFERRATO on the Norwegian market, helping to promote both the wine region and tourism, as well as positioning the Monferrato wines and producers towards the Norwegian trade and wine press.

“As we hold a unique position within Food & Wine in the Nordic countries, we can see that the willingness to invest for many wine destinations in a growing, mature and price-competitive market in the north remains high in the wake of Covid-19. Many will continue to invest in growth and in markets they believe in, as they should. That is what we are here to help them with,” – Patrick Leysen, Head of Food & Wine Sweden at EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation.

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