EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation acquires the Nordic activities of global agency Sopexa

Freitag, 3 April 2020

Dear reader and agency friend,

It is a pleasure to inform you that we at EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation have acquired the Nordic activities of the global agency Sopexa. We are firm believers in the value of specialisation and besides a continued and dedicated focus on our business areas of transport and tourism, we now increase our focus and ambitions within food & wine in Scandinavia.

Sopexa is a globally leading food & drink agency part of the French communication group Hopscotch Groupe with headquarters in Paris and with more than 30 offices across the globe.  As of now, we take over the branches of Sopexa in Scandinavia and integrate the current Sopexa employees into our existing teams in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

By taking over the Nordic activities and joining forces with Sopexa, the ambition is to create a strong one-stop-shop for the food & wine industry across Scandinavia. Partnering up is a real win-win for both agencies and staff and none the least for our growing range of clients, who will benefit from an extended team in the Nordic region with strong expertise in communications, a deep knowledge of the food & drink sectors and a strong local network of key opinion leaders, trade, influencers and media.

Our two agencies share similar areas of expertise, international scope and customer-centred values and have worked together for clients in recent years, why the acquisition and official partnership is a natural extension.

Through the acquisition, we welcome not only several new and interesting clients, but equally important three very competent and friendly new senior colleagues: Peter Esper Larsen, Patrick Leysen and Dorte Pontoppidan. Peter has taken the role of Head of Food & Wine in Denmark with Dorte at his side as Senior Advisor. Patrick has taken the role as Head of Food & Wine in Sweden and we hope to be able to expand the team, once the Corona-situation normalises.

The acquisition of Sopexa is a major step for our agency and the first in our soon 30-year history.  Our size, outreach and competences will grow substantially. Besides a continued focus on our key business areas of transport and tourism, we now increase our focus and ambitions within food & wine. More important than the transaction itself, is the official partnership with Sopexa. While remaining 100% independent, we will become an exclusive partner in the global network of Sopexa. The goal is to become a real powerhouse for not only transport and tourism, but also food & wine communication.

We remain optimistic in these challenging times and hope you will continue to follow us and our team on this exciting journey!

Best wishes,

Magnus Ehrenberg & Allan Sonne Sørensen

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